Top 5 Best Baby Monitors that Records Your Baby’s Movement

Are you a parent who requires peace of mind as your baby is sleeping at night? Are you looking for top-rated baby monitors that record your baby’s movements, giving you a full night with less stress?

If yes, you are not alone and shouldn’t worry anymore because this article highlights the top 6 best baby monitors on the market in 2019 that records your baby’s movement.


Do You Really Need a Baby Monitor?

Yes, you need a baby monitor because it helps to keep your baby safe and secure. All moms encounter frustrations at night when they put the baby in the nursery, and they are in another room. With baby monitors, parents can keep track of all activities of their little ones, including cries and everything that makes the baby uncomfortable.

A baby monitor can also save parents frustrations, especially those who have night shift jobs or those who might consider going out on a date night leaving the baby with a babysitter.

Modern baby monitors come with advanced features which includes sound monitors, temperatures sensors, lullaby music, night lights, and much more.


What features should you consider in Good Baby Monitors?

Baby monitors have a whole range of features and varying price ranges. There are those that are extremely basic and those that have advanced features. Whether you are the one who requires the monitor or you want to give them as a gift, below are the features worth considering:

  • Screen size and audio output

Since the baby’s nursery might be situated in another room, it is important to ensure the gadget has a loud enough audio for you to hear. The baby’s monitor must also have a large screen that enables you to monitor all the activities of the child while they sleep.

  • Analog vs. digital monitors

Analog monitors are those that send direct raw message to the monitors while digital monitors are those that analyze the raw data to give interpretations before sending signals. You should check out for digital monitors, which is likely to contain extra security to keep your baby safe.

  • Volume control

Check for a model that has enough volume control capabilities such that you can regulate the sound level ideal for your baby.

  • Night vision

Night vision is another essential feature that you should check out for in a baby monitor because it helps you to monitor the baby while sleeping without turning on the baby’s room light.

  • Signal range

Check how far the signal can reach from the monitor such that even if you are out of range, the transmitter will still be connected and you will receive signals.

  • Temperature sensor

Temperature sensors are likely to help parents know the ideal temperature in the baby’s nursery, and in case of discomfort, the parent can take regulative measures by turning on the cooler or heater, depending on whether it is hot or cold.

Other essential features to check for includes;

    • Price
    • Functionality
    • Battery life
    • Security features
    • Mounting style
    • Portability
    • Wireless encryption


Top 6 Best Baby Monitors That Records You’re Baby Movement

Levana 31103 2.4″ Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Zoom & Video Recording

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Levana Pan/Tilt/Zoom Additional Camera, compatible with Shiloh, Willow, Amara and Aria models...

Last update was on: April 20, 2021 7:11 am
$114.99 $119.99

Opening our list of our top-rated baby monitor is the Levana 31103 2.4″ digital wireless video baby monitor with zoom and video recording. This unit has exceptional features that make it speaks for itself in the highly congested market, scoring above the scoreboard in functionality and performance. The product has outstanding positive reviews on Amazon, which makes it a must-have baby gear at home.

Key specifications

    • Brand name: Levana
    • Amazon price: $93
    • Manufacturer: Levana
    • Model Number: Levana 31103 2.4” Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor


Why we picked it

    • Rechargeable battery.
    • Night vision.
    • Two power adapters.
    • 4” LCD video monitor.
    • Zoom in capabilities gives you a closer look of your baby regardless of the position of the camera.
    • Temperature feature.
    • Lullaby songs to soothe the baby.



    • The cheapest video monitor in the market with nifty features such as night vision.
    • Pretty crystal clear images.
    • High-quality videos and sound clarity.
    • Features remote zooming in a much larger view screen than other digital video monitors.



    • Users have complained of poor craftsmanship in the item, with some suggesting that the external material is not durable.
    • The split screen doesn’t let you choose how your desired cameras. It automatically chooses four, which makes the pictures small.
    • Some users complained of inaccurate temperature readings.
    • The rechargeable battery doesn’t last long.


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DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor

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  • Photos

DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor, 270o Pan-Tilt-Zoom/4.3" Large Screen/VOX/Soothing Lullabies/Temp. Monitor/2-Way Talk/Night Vision/Nightlight/Record/Sound...

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: April 20, 2021 7:11 am
$139.99 $199.99

Even though DBPOWER is the least popular brand in this list, customers have gained a liking for the product, which is evident on the overwhelmingly positive reviews and ratings from customers who have purchased the product. The major reasons why parents like this product are the ease of setup, the rechargeable battery which lasts a maximum of 9 hours, lullabies, LED lights, a nightlight, temperature sensors, digital video recording (DVR), two-way talkback feature, and much more features.


Why we picked it

  • Long battery life, with a maximum of 9 hours.
  • Easy and safe to mount without unnecessary stress up.
  • It is loaded with amazing features such as pan, tilt, or zoom of the camera.
  • Long range of transmission, approximately 1000ft.
  • Supports a total of 4 cameras.



  • The four cameras can monitor all the activities of the baby using a split screen feature.
  • Has an alert warning that beeps in case of any changes in the baby’s nursery. The alert system is connected to the volume knob, which allows you to adjust the sound level.
  • Has digital video recording function which records all activities of the baby in sharp and clear videos.
  • Has a big LCD color screen which has a display of 4.3 inches.
  • Has night vision that comes with a light sensor.
  • Two-way talk back feature which allows you to hear what is happening and send voice commands.
  • The pinch and zoom function allows you to capture the entire baby’s nursery.



  • Users complained about general issues with the monitor among them: loud volume for the baby even at the lowest volume, which wakes them at night, bright light from the monitor which disturbs the baby, and the poor music option which is too fast to be peaceful.
  • Another user complained about the inability to set the monitor to sleep manually.
  • Narrower view of the camera compared to other monitors.



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Faleemi 1080P Home Wi-Fi IP Camera

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  • Photos

Faleemi 1080P Pan/Tilt Wireless WiFi IP Camera, Home Security Surveillance Video Camera...

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: April 20, 2021 7:11 am
$40.99 $59.99

Faleemi is more than just a camera to keep an eye on your little one. This device has gained popularity among parents because it helps to track sleep patterns and other useful data about the baby.


Why we picked the product

Faleemi 1080P Home Wi-Fi IP Camera is a two-piece baby monitor offering amazing key features.

  • First of all, the setup is a bit simple and is always conducted via an Android smartphone or iPhone, which is connected to the Faleemi App. The Wi-Fi setup is also less stressful, and once set, parents can engage in effective video streaming.
  • Another feature is the wide viewing angle, remote tilt, and night vision.
  • Two-way talk communication, intelligent motion alerts, email alerts, and much more.
  • Has a simple-to-use camera that can be positioned at any location.
  • One Faleemi app supports several cameras linked together.
  • The indoor camera contains the speaker and microphone, which means you will be able to hear what is happening at the baby’s nursery and issuing commands.



  • Motion detection function of the camera allows it to look for motion and send alerts.
  • Crystal clear viewing both day and night.
  • Faleemi’s app gives you remote access to view the camera from any location provided; there is a Wi-Fi or internet connection.
  • Great camera for the price



  • A bit cumbersome to configure.
  • Case material is not durable.



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YI 1080p Home Camera

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  • Photos

YI 4pc Home Camera, 1080p Wi-Fi IP Security Surveillance Smart System with...

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: April 20, 2021 7:11 am
$118.00 $119.99

Y1 1080p home camera is another top rated product that has gained popularity in a majority of homes because of the amazing features that come with it. Among the products, specifications include 24/7 full HD recording, a 1080p camera that gives clear pictures, two-way audio, which allows you to receive and transmit audio from any location provided there is an internet connection.


Why we picked the product

  • Night vision capabilities enhanced by infrared LEDs’ which allows you to see in the dark.
  • Activity alerts such as motion detection, baby crying, and much more.
  • The camera can be used to access the mobile APP anytime, and a maximum of 5 family members can view the camera using a single account.



  • Cloud storage minimizes the risk of losing valuable footage originally stored on micro SD memory card.
  • Baby crying technology and night vision captured in the 1080p camera.
  • Supercharged two-way audio which allows you to have stable communication using the Y1 Home App.
  • Excellent camera platform and good video quality.



  • Users complained that the product only connects to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • The recorded alerts take time to open.
  • The camera has to be plugged into power. Unfortunately, it has a shorter power cord.
  • Reviewers had issues with cloud storage, which can be a bit expensive.



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Infant optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

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  • Features
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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: April 20, 2021 7:11 am
$165.99 $229.99

Are you looking for an all-inclusive product that you can use at home and match your lifestyle as well? Infant optics DXR- 8 has is your go-to alternative and has gained popularity in the recent past because of the advanced features packed in the box. When it comes to performance, the product scores beyond the board, coming with amazing design and features that are significantly above its peers.

The product has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon because of the following unique features:

  • It is the only baby monitor with the ability to change the lens.
  • Gives the parents a chance to customize the zoom without tilting or zooming the camera.
  • The device can monitor the temperature of the room.



  • LED emission
  • Ability to talk with the monitor, which allows you to soothe the baby to make them sleep.
  • High-quality videos.
  • Excellent sound clarity.
  • Wide angle of the lens and a wider display screen.



  • Even though the gadget can change the lens, reviewers complained that they had to buy interchangeable lens separately.
  • The products lack the ability to record video.
  • The device cannot be used with a smartphone.



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Motorola Halo+ Over-the-Crib Baby Monitor

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Motorola Halo+ Over-The-Crib Baby Monitor & Soother with HD Wi-Fi Camera & Parent Unit

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: April 20, 2021 7:11 am
$245.00 $299.99

When it comes to convenience in monitoring your baby both at naptime and night, Motorola Halo +is overly the best option, offering you extra features that match the value for your money. The product aims to eliminate the anxiety that follows new parents who always feel like continually keeping their eyes on their new bundle of joy.

The Motorola Halo + has gained popularity because of the following wealth of features:

  • Soothing lullabies
  • Contains seven multi-color nightlights to soothe your baby.
  • Smart sensors which detect sound, motion, temperature, and humidity changes.
  • The unique mounting function which gives a perfect overhead view of the baby.
  • Large monitor screen, 4.3 inches.
  • Easy installation and configuring.



  • Gives a perfect overhead view of the baby.
  • Sharp and clear images
  • Wealthy child-friendly features, including handheld monitors.
  • Mounts easily and safely over the crib or wall.



  • Reviewers complained about the subscription features which can be extremely draining.
  • Relatively low resolution for the monitor.
  • You can only download lullabies using the mobile app, and you can’t use music from your library.
  • The monitor’s built-in rechargeable battery lasts for a maximum of 5 hours before requiring a recharge.



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Bottom line

Baby monitors are parent’s extra eye that looks inside the nursery to see how the baby is fairing both at naptime and night. And as we all know, the more eyes and ears the parent has, the safer the baby and the more comfortable they are at night.

There are a lot of things to say about baby monitors that record your baby even though the market is saturated with the products, it is advisable to have an open-minded approach in your purchase so that you only look for reputable models that won’t disappoint you.

Among the factors that you must consider includes; set up, battery life, graphics, camera, and video quality, sound clarity, sensor options, among other factors.

Happy shopping for yourself and your baby!

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