5 Best 2000 ft Range Baby Monitors With Longest Range Review

Long range baby monitors are difficult to find. And those offering as much as 2000ft range are quite a few. But you might need a long distance ranged baby monitor for so many reasons.

In this article, we will look at some the top 5 best 2000ft range baby monitors and also shed some light on why the long range is important and how to select a baby monitor that performs great while giving the maximum range as well.


The Top 5 Best 2000ft Long-Range Baby monitors

We have selected some baby monitors that offers great range and convenience. These options include some 2000ft range monitors as well some smart option like getting connected with the baby through a mobile app. Let’s look at these baby monitors in detail.

Graco Direct Connect Digital Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units 

Graco offers a reliable baby monitor with a really great range. With its 2000 feet range, the baby monitor keeps you well connected with your baby even if you have a large house or are out in lawn or yard.

The best thing about this unit is its wide range, and there are not much out there with as much range. The baby monitor is equipped with all the great options that you need for taking care of your baby.

The baby monitor comes with two receivers so that both parents are involved in the baby’s care. Graco gives a great priority to your privacy, and the wireless video and transmission are fully secured and encrypted.

The digital monitor has a 900MHz frequency, which means even the walls, furniture, or other household electronics will not interfere with the transmission or affect its range.

The Baby monitors offer you options of activating vibration on or adjust the volume of baby alerts. With its ambient light, you can check the baby at night without turning on lights. It creates a comfortable atmosphere in baby’s room with a dim light.

The baby monitors not only keeps you updated with your baby’s movements but also gauge the nursery’s temperature. It lets you know the current temperature of the room; you can make sure your baby remains comfortable.


  1. Long-distance range.
  2. Secure transmission.
  3. Low battery alarm.
  4. Two setting ambient nightlight.
  5. Strong frequency signals.


  1. Battery life not very long.
  2. It’s a sound monitor.



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Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor with 1 Parent Unit

Another one from Graco, The unit has one transmitter and a great range.  You can roam about in the house in a carefree manner while your baby is resting in his room.

The baby monitor offers great frequency,  you are always connected to your baby. Even walls, furniture, electronics, cannot interfere with its transmission or affect its range. Its sound light intensifies with the baby’s call so you can get an idea even if you can not hear the sound.

The parent unit comes with a special clip; you can easily wear the belt clip for carrying the monitor along with you everywhere. It keeps your hands free for performing other household duties while you are in contact with the baby as well.

Graco offers the best range with baby monitors. With its 2000 feet range, you can stay connected with the baby’s needs even in a large household or double story building.


  • Secure and clear transmission.
  • Light indicates when baby calls.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Belt clip for carrying it along with hands-free.
  • Adjustable volume control.


  • Audio monitor.
  • The battery will last 4-5 hours.


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Be care Hear Audio Baby Monitor

Becare Baby monitor is another one that offers a range of 2000ft. The monitor lets you know the wellbeing of your baby even when you are on the top story, or out in the yard. Just carry along the monitor with you for getting instant alerts on your baby.

Bebcare is designed to ensure the safety of your baby above everything else. It employs DSR radio technology which reduces radiation around your baby.

The parents unit offers many options for customizing its setting. You can adjust the volume control to 5 levels. The unit can give vibrations in case you can’t trust sound alerts.

The unit in the baby’s room creates a comfortable and soothing environment for the baby at night. It gives off dimmed light, and you can also play lullabies at night for rocking him to sleep.

A special feature of Bebcare Baby monitor is that it safely monitors your baby’s vitals while he is sleeping. You can track your baby’s breathing with its breathing mat that can be paired with the monitor. You can get alerts on parent units if breathing pattern has stopped.

The unit has built-in lullabies so you can soothe them even when you are not there. The parent unit also comes with a microphone, and you can talk to your baby when you are not there.


  • Emit the lowest radiation
  • Built-in breathing sensors.
  • Customized alerts.
  • Creates a comfortable environment for your baby with dimmed starry lights at night.
  • It comes with six special lullabies.


  • It does not display the baby’s video.


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Wireless Camera, 1080P HD WiFi Pet Camera Baby Monitor

The monitors mentioned above have a 2000 feet range, but they are audio monitors. Those who want to stay connected with the baby visually and still need a wide range can make use of this wireless camera system with a mobile app. Even if you are living in a big house, or a two three-story house, the mobile app connected wireless baby monitor will let you keep an eye on your baby while roaming around the house as well.

The system is compatible with Alexa too. If you have an Alexa system at home, you can ask to see your baby’s video anywhere doing anything. All it needs is a voice command.

The camera offers HD high definition video, whether its day or night. Night vision would let you see the baby even when lights are off. With its 1080P high definition, the picture quality remains crisp even if you zoom the picture eight times.

The home monitor incorporates a microphone so you can listen and talk back with your baby. With the MIPC app, you can stay connected with your baby even if you are a working mother and are away from home. It’s a great option for parents and can be utilized for general security reasons as well. No doubt the unit provides the full value of your money spent.


  • Secure cloud backup and privacy protection.
  • You can stay connected with the baby while at work through an internet connection.
  • Monitor at home features microphone.
  • High-definition picture quality.
  • Night vision technology.


  • Installing the app and camera seems trouble, but once you are through it, the monitor works fine.
  • It works only with an internet connection. You can lose the signals if their internet connection is not working, or the server is down.



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Baby Monitor, LeFun Wireless IP Security Camera WiFi Surveillance Pet Camera 

Its another great option for monitoring your baby even from a long distance. The high-quality camera offers superb image quality to entertain you with your baby’s movements wherever you are. The unit can be operated with remote control with a Wi-Fi connection.

The Baby monitor lets you communicate with the baby from wherever you are. Not only you can hear your baby talking, but talk as well. The system includes the advanced voice coding and noise-canceling technology that filters the environmental noise and sends the clear voice of your baby.

MICP app offers a recording of videos that can be saved to a cloud service. It also supports local storage or record and detects voice. The device is supported by Alexa, and you can see the live feed of your baby with just a voice command.


  • Secure recording with Audio coding technology.
  • Long life of Infrared sensors.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, or iPad.
  • Easy set-up.


  • Installation and set up is easy, but if you are using such a device first, you may get overwhelmed.
  • It needs a stable internet connection constantly.


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What does long distance range mean and how it is important?

Baby monitors offer a different range, and you need to be careful while selecting as the range will let you connect with the baby and if you have a large house the moment you get out of range your baby monitor will stop working.

The range should be your first requirement in selecting a baby monitor. The basic purpose of having a baby monitor fails if you have a large house and a short distance baby monitor.

The coverable distance of your baby monitor should be your whole house, even the garden area or backyard should be included with the clarity of signals. You can expect to be in any part of the house, the terrace, basements, yards, balconies, so consider well the distance you required so that selecting a useful monitor becomes easy.


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What type of Baby monitor has the best range?

Though Video monitors are covetable, with the ability to see your baby all the time, unfortunately, they do not offer much range. As compared to these video monitors, the audio monitors offer better range. You cannot see the baby, but if you have a large house or live in a two-story building, the audio monitors offer as much as a 2000ft range that is not found in the video monitor.

Audio monitors have the best range, but in the end, it comes down the quality of your monitor.


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What is considered a good range in baby monitors?

It depends on your individual needs. A good range for parents living in a small apartment is different than those living in a large house.

If you have a moderate to the small size of the house, then a baby monitor with 600ft to the 1000ft range is enough. You won’t have any problem choosing as most of the video baby monitors offers similar range from 500ft to 1000 ft.

Its when you have a large house with a garden, or yard, or more than one stories, that choosing a long range baby monitor becomes difficult. The range required in that case is between 1000 ft to 2000 ft and even more. Usually, an average baby monitor does not cover this much range. And the moment you gets out of baby monitor’s range, it will stop working.

This is where these audio baby monitors with 2000 ft range will come handy. They let you monitor the baby even while you are roaming the house.

Some of these monitors can even send you alerts if the breathing pattern of a baby is changed or stopped, so you can rest assured of your baby’s well-being while being busy in other household duties.


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What other factors affect the range of your baby monitor?

Distance covered by your baby monitor is affected by many other factors as well. Some of these factors are listed here:

  • Walls and furniture: Despite the distance range given by the manufacturers, the actual range a baby monitor covers may be different. The walls and furniture around affect the distance covered by the monitor and may alter its performance. So the key is to choose with care and consider all these factors before relying on any monitor.
  • Electronics: The distance range can also be affected by the number of electronics in the room. These electronics may affect the signal quality of your baby monitor.
  • Wi-Fi Baby monitors: A Wi-Fi baby monitor is another way you can cover up the long-range issue. These baby monitors let you download an app through which you can get the live feed of your baby wherever you are.
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Benefits of a Wi-Fi baby monitor

  • Great signals: Wi-Fi baby monitors are built to send a live feed of your baby through an internet connection. The range is not an issue in these monitors. These are high-tech advance units that provide you with the best picture quality real-time video of your baby’s movements.
  • Great for working parents: Wifi baby monitors are great for working parents. They can stay connected with the baby from their workplaces and keep an eye on the babysitter as well.
  • Video live feed: As we said, the long distance video baby monitors are hard to find. There are options in audio baby monitors, and they work well too, but for those parents who live in a large house and want to stay connected with their baby through a video monitor, these Wifi baby monitors are the best option.
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The disadvantage of a Wifi baby monitor

Wifi baby monitor is an excellent substitute for a long distance video baby monitor, but it has a drawback too. That drawback is the need for an internet connection.

  • Wifi: A wifi baby monitor only lets you have a live feed of your baby if you have a secure and uninterrupted internet connection. The moment your internet connection is lost, consider you are out of the range of your baby monitor as it will not work.

Things to consider while selecting a 2000ft long-distance range baby monitor

Here are a few things that you should consider while selecting a baby monitor with a good range.

  • Type of Monitor: As we said earlier, audio monitors offer a better range as compared to the video monitors. So pay attention while buying if the baby monitor offering 2000Ft is an audio or video monitor. Audio monitors also work well, but if you specifically need a long-distance video monitor to be able to see the baby from time to time, you might need a Wi-Fi connected monitor.
  • Audio quality: If you are selecting a 2000 Ft long-distance range baby monitor that is an audio monitor, you better make sure the audio quality is great.
  • Field range: Beware if manufacturers are offering a better field range. The field range is like your monitor is placed in the middle of open space without any distractions all around. But field range can be a misleading reading as your monitor won’t be placed in an open space but in rooms with walls, furniture, electronics, and other things to interfere with the signals. A good field range offered by the manufacturers would not be accurate and cannot be of much value.
  • More than one parent unit: Some baby monitors come with two parent units or receivers. If more than one person is sharing the responsibility of the baby’s care, then you might need a baby monitor with two parenting units. Wi-Fi monitors are cool in this respect as both parents can install the app in their smartphones and can keep an eye on the baby’s activity with an internet connection.
  • Talkback option: Whether you are selecting an audio or video monitor or using a Wi-Fi system to monitor your baby, all options offer the talkback option. The device comes with a microphone through which you can talk to your baby from wherever you are. The baby can hear your soothing voice and get the feel of your presence.
  • Temperature sensors: The temperature sensor is a very useful option that many baby monitors are using these days to ensure the safety and comfort of your baby. You can see the current temperature of your baby’s room on a monitor. Some baby monitors even feature alerts for notifying you when the temperature of the room drops a certain level. So make sure the monitor you select comes with accurate temperature sensors. These sensors can help in extreme weather conditions.
  • Lullaby modes: Some baby monitor includes this interesting feature. You can play the preselected lullabies to console your baby or to entertain him. You can also make use of these lullabies for making the baby go to sleep with its hypnotic rhythm and tune. It’s an interesting feature that you will love to have in your baby monitor.
  • Battery life and performance: Battery life and performance is very important for any baby monitor. A good monitor with excellent battery life and performance is difficult to have. Most of the devices in the market have 4-5 hours maximum life span before you charge it again. A baby monitor should have a good battery life so that it may not stop working in the middle of a busy day or more dangerously at night. You can’t be up at night charging the device, so battery life is one of the most important things to look in any baby monitor. Also, make sure your baby monitor gives alert for a low battery before activating a power saving mode. Mere activating power saving mode is not enough; it should give voice alerts or vibrate, so you get the notification even in the middle of the night or a busy day.
  • Out of range alarm: Even if you got a long distance covering baby monitor, to be on the safe side, make sure the monitor gives an alarm when it goes out of range. It is really helpful in large houses with basements, yards, or terrace. So many things can interfere with the signals. A good and reliable device will notify you the moment you are out of range so you can stay alert that the baby monitor is not working.


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The range covered by a baby monitor is an important factor that should be weighed well before you actually buy a unit. In a worst-case scenario, a baby monitor with less range is useless as it will stop working the moment you are out of its range.

The range also depends so many other factors like electronics, walls or furniture in the room. So never blindly trust a manufacturers’ stated range unless you test the baby monitor yourself. After all, it’s the matter of your baby’s safety, and you cannot risk or be careless at any cost.

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